Owusu Bempah's supporters besiege CID HQ

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2016-10-26 15:52:46
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Owusu Bempah's supporters besiege CID HQ

This is what the state institutions are up to do; to do the bidding of the Government and the President.All is about intimidation. Do we call this democracy? Anytime some one says something which is does not go down well with the President and his party then that person should be silenced. I feel sad for this country. For me President Mahama is the worst this country has had. He is a man of himself. A good leader is firm and fair and any leader who will seemingly be loved by everybody is not good. And that is Mahama for you. He wants to destroy this country. a dictator in disguise and for me if I get the opportunity I will gun him down.He cannot make all of us women wholes we call ourselves as men.Who is he?Until he got the appointment he was just an ordinary person working with the Japanese Embassy and I know him personally as a customer of a bank I am ready to mention.
They should try and kill and Nana and they will see whether this country will continue to exist now into the future. He can govern over NDC faithfuls only. All of us will turn into dissidents and this country will have its share of destabilization.

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