Akufo-Addo is cursed – Solomon Nkansah

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Comment: pepeni is a toxic curse

insight to the bone
2016-10-27 12:33:13
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It is said religion and science must go together for the welfare of mankind and i say simple plain common sense , justice and science must always walk hand in hand. Not so long ago scientist using DNA analysis were able to prove the DNA of the Pharaohs of Egypt was identical to that of the sub Saharan people of Akan and also they practiced the culture and tradition of Matriarchy which plainly proves Akan are the true chosen people which we all already knew. The blue print for nation building as designed by God for every nation is in the Bible and recommends we dont mix with the philistines or other wicked people such as pepeni/ayigbe Sodom / Gomorrah least we suffer the fire and brimstone of retrogression , nor should we worship their golden calf of islam that can only bring bad-luck to our efforts of modernization and development. We all know the true reason why Acheampong and others were killed because knowing this they had begun the process of separating our blessed people from the menace of the ayigbe and later on the pepeni criminals. Seeing that they would loose their bread basket of free money they decided kill and brainwah the minds of our people with a FAKE revolution as the best way to hide a crime is to do it in the open . Corruption is now in the open and fools ignore this wickedness saying everyone is corrupt yet they piss in their pants at the thought the outsider Nana coming in. We have the law of the country hijacked by constitution written by minorities to ensure justice and freedom for the Akans can never be regained except by war. We have a govt which effectively denies the majority Akan true participation in the processes of a govt by the people and of the people since 70% of all appointees are pepeni northerners who hide behind their incompetence to ensure their true agenda of the devastation of the Akan economy. We have had Pharaohs, kings , paramount chiefs and all kinds system of state organizations through the millennia and now its time to get rid of all these useless Judas Iscariot traitor chiefs and their 30 pieces of V8 treachery that burden us and create a true modern state based on the positive experiences of progressive nations , so its now time for true democracy born in the blood of war as has been the case of all prosperous nations. Nobody can hide the true light and destiny of God's chosen people the Akan no matter the skinpain envy of the useless wicked idiots around and within us .We charge you to investigate the truth for yourselves and not be swayed by the noise , lies of the brainwashing propaganda as they only lead to doom and disgrace. Rather enter the light of wisdom , justice and freedom if not for yourselves but for future generations .We recognize the truth only because God put it in our hearts even before we are born . Do not allow fear to be your guide but rather have God in your heart and be courageous to fight even in the bloodiest of wars as no matter what we shall be victorious. Do not turn away or be blinded by the darkness of the evil , God has ordain we be a nation so arise with the clarion call for battle and do not allow them to finish the process of making us slaves in our own promised land of milk and honey. Many of you here are witnesses to the threats of their juju men and their national security forces who promised to destroy , kill or arrest me for speaking the truth but this whispering voice in the wilderness of pepeni/ayigbe corruption , wickedness and evil can not be silenced but rather grows louder . Yes we shall fight them in the hills and valleys but will never surrender as thousands will see the truth and join the battle for true freedom . we are all witnesses to thew fact that for over 50 years starting with Kotoka and followed by JJ's revolution we see there is not a single prosperous or wise Akan family of intelligentsia that has not suffered , or been persecuted leading to the dispensation or exodus of our most talented or blessed sons serving other nations in exile . The spawn of Satan following this ndc have secured the theft and think they will succeed in denying the will of God through the people in a peaceful ballot but we know they do not know God is with us and they will be booted out no matter what , we prepare not for elections but for the freedom fight of war. Their games of divide and rule by pitting the Ashantis/Twi speakers against the other Fanti speakers has failed and will never triumph again as we are now one , long live the republic of Akan. Yes the battle for freedom does not end with npp gaining power but rather the total freedom of all Akan people both here and in the ivory coast together with the return of our refugees from the diaspora.

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insight to the bone on Oct 27, 2016 12:33
pepeni is a toxic curse