NPP posters splashed around Okyehene's palace ahead of Mahama's visit

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Comment: Should We Be Surprised?

G. K. Berko
2016-10-27 12:59:39
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NPP posters splashed around Okyenhene's palace ahe

We all know the Okyehene has long indicated his support for his relative and Presidential contestant, Akufo-Addo. So, why should we be surprised or worried about this blatant, in-your-face repudiation of the President by the Okyeman Palace?

We will not have real Peace in Ghana until the Akyem Mafia Don has had his turn at the Flagstaff House. He made it clear to us long ago. "..All die be die", remember?

But the huge and hardly-talked-about irony is that with all the numerous influential personalities in every Government, since Independence, that Okyeman has featured, one of our most naturally endowed area of the country did not have its leaders fight to bring any marked development to their People.

These Akyem Political Leaders have always thought of their personal well-being alone, neglecting their constituents. They would rather vacation abroad for every short break than go back home to assess what the People need there and work to bring to them. The more they travel and rub shoulders with dignitaries abroad, the more they think themselves pre-eminent in their Societies. What a shame!

Someone must tell Akufo-Addo to visit home more often to help organize the People for real development, instead of taxing up and down the tarmacs of Airports Europe, especially if he does not admit his trips are for Health reasons.

The cost of the trips alone could help improve one or two roads or schools in his area. He does not have to wait to be the President to do more. He failed to do so when he was the MP and also Minister in the Kufuor Administration. He and his Akyem Mafia cohorts cannot make the Presidency the ransom with which to help develop his area.

For decades, much of the Akyem area was only accessible by our dilapidated Railway System. Hardly could people drive to that area of little road infrastructure. Yet, these Politicians have always claimed the highest Academic prowess and boasted about being the most elitist, well-traveled in the country with the best experience in modern advanced countries.

Agyarko and Databank's Ofori Atta, in particular, have not transferred their loudly touted financial prowess gained abroad to their area and People to impact positively on the lives and economy of the area. It is not just building some ultra-modern Mansion to cocoon oneself in it alone that signifies helping your area. Duh!

And it is unacceptable that the Okyehene would dabble in Politics and complain of dire economic hardships while he does little to nothing to control the galamsey in his backyard that even foreigners engage in to the detriment of the local communities.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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Should We Be Surprised?