Mugabe launches scathing attack on NDC

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Comment: NPP 2000 Election Trick Working in2016

2016-10-27 14:55:36
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Mugabe launches scathing attack on NDC

NPP using year 2000 election campaign strategy which seems to be working very well for NPP again.
The 2000 election was when NPP came mentioning "trillions' in Ghana politics for the first time. Deceiving Ghanaians that the then JJ Rawlings gov't blew up Ghana's money in trillions. Ghanaians were shocked and so voted out the NDC gov't, but NPP lost power 8yrs later when most Ghanaians came to know the TRUTH that they were TRICKED with lies.
Today, 2016 election, NPP is on the same trick deceiving Ghanaians that the John Mahama NDC gov't has blown billions of dollars on nothing.
In order for NPP not to be accused on the trillion allegations NPP was FAST to redenominate the Cedi by dropping 4-zeros to read lesser. So for example 1,000,000,000 will be 100,000 (1 billion is now hundred thousand). They now call this figure Ghana Cedis.

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Bonsu on Oct 27, 2016 14:55
NPP 2000 Election Trick Working in2016
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