Changing governments stalls development – Mahama

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JH New York
2016-11-01 13:14:13
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Changing governments stalls development – Mahama

Mahama,if this is what you are saying then Ghanaians should have given Kuffour(NPP) honourary 4 Terms (16yrs) in total 24 years to rule Ghana.
Imagine what a prosperous Nation Ghana would have been.Late Atta-Mills and yourself(NDC,two Clueless persons), was handed over power to erode all the economic gains,chalked by Kuffour(NPP):administration.What I mean is the NPP Party,has the right people with the knowhow to turn things round.You,have built Schools, improved Roads,etc,with LOANS is- Not what we talk about.Those are automatic "must do" basic infatructure
which is not part of the equation.So, the focus of leadership in the Country is to eliminate general hardships by the day in the Country,or the difficulty to feed oneself daily and lacks of Job opportunities for the Youth. Therefore, Businesses,Macro Economics for stability, Economic Empowerment of the people,etc for growth,and long Term Investment, is what is expected of leadership for a Country Economy to grow.If Loan acquisition to do everything in the Country is the way to growth,I think the local Market Women could do better as flagship's.Mahama, know that Ghana is Democratic and not Autocratic or Dictatorship. So,stop to Rig Elections,please!.And let the Vorters will prevail.

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JH New York on Nov 1, 13:14
Re: Changing governments stalls development – Maha