Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah backs Mahama

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Comment: Doctor re not noted to be stupid oh God

2016-11-06 07:02:22
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Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah back

What kind of logic is this Omene Boamah and his usless government is bringing into our politics?i always say that bringing in small boy into politic is what's affecting our political groth and this is a good example of that,how many chiefs has the NDC destooled since they came to power and is Omane Boamah and the president saying those who openly endossed Akufo Addo ll suffer in their hands or risk being destooled too?per his logic that's what it means.If a government gets an opportunity to explain his vision and he goes talking about such things then it's clear he's the one blocking his achievements if any,apart from infrastructure which prices Ve been inflated tell us any other sector the NDC is proud of and can say is doing well?.You Ve sack all you experience hands in the party and brought this small boys who ve stole so much money and want to loose and find time to enjoy their ill gotten money.Let Omane Boamah say he's on the same level with Doctor he left the medical field to join politics,some of them or still struggling to make ends meet if he care to know,if they can't help them because of their bad policies the least he can do is be up measured and raise the bar because doctors re not noted to be stupid.Radio gold is the one bringing their party down and by the time they realize it ll be too late for them,it's the only platform they re at liberty to lie and insult without interjections and caution besides its only the NDC who listen to that station,that's why their messages re not flying,I can't see why I should tune inn to radio gold when news file is running at the same time.How many businessmen has your government made since you came to power?you rather kill them.

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Yussif on Nov 6, 07:02
Doctor re not noted to be stupid oh God