Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah backs Mahama

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Comment: Nana destool chiefs

2016-11-06 08:16:54
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Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah back

Destool chiefs paa.. Ah my country Ghana.. I stop supporting ndc from today.. They ave Spoken alot of rubbish but this has reali put me off.. I was reali supporting a foolish leader.. I will not even dream of saying nana addo will destool chiefs.. N u, a whole prez is saying this.. I cant think far.. This is pure foolishness.. For omane boamah i dnt ave his time cuz his boss has even said it.. I leave him to my 4year old niece.. Omane ma niece after telling her says u r dumb.. She is now in kindergarten 1.. Lol

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Idriss on Nov 6, 08:16
Nana destool chiefs