Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah backs Mahama

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Comment: Ghana prople vote for a change

2016-11-06 14:53:46
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Akufo-Addo will destool Chiefs - Omane Boamah back

Ah Omane Boamah, corruption has really warped your thinking. What a cheap talk? Just look what has become of mahama in Kumasi; unleashing dogs to attack a bystander using mere verbal communication to express his desire for a political change. Is this not live streaming of a copresident gone wild? Mahama is unhinged and something is happening to the wannabe king. Mahama is now a danger to himself and others because he is going crazy for power. Atta Mills never did that, Nkrumah never did that and Akuffo Addo has thaught the Ghanaian youth by a selfless example what patience looks like. Boamah pathological liar, who will lie when its good to tell the truth. Akuffo Addo was stoned by an intolerable nuts at a rally in Okanshie recently and all he said was: "smeone has stoned me, but its okay". Can your emperor John Mahama do same? Mahama has such a thin skin he attacks a private citizen, Samaria Bawumia for imputing that parts of Bole, mahama's own backyard do not have portable water. Is this the man you are comparing to Nana Akuffo Addo? Boamah, get this straight; Nana Akuffo Addo is tolerant, a true and tested democrat and respector of the rule of law. Nana Akuffo Addo will not destool any chief. You Boamah was an avid NPP supporter while resident of the US. What happened to your conscience? Corruption, cortuption, corruption and lies. Shame on you Boamah, you could be better. Ashawoo Boamah. Go wash your mouth with anagoo soap and spew jazz no more. SHAME unto Boamah. Nana has mot changed since the sad days of Gen. Ignetius Kutu Acheampong un the 1970s, and i will bet my last pesewa that Nana will not destool any chief in Ghana. Mahama is disrespecting Ga chiefs, Ewe chiefs ffeeli, feeli. Look at what he has done to the Osu Castle. Is it a respect for the Gas and the Osu people? The jurory is out there with the voters. Election time is a court trial by the people. We are making closing arguements for Nana Addo. Oman Ghana vote wisely to rescue Ghana from these thieves. Vote NPP, Vote for Nana Akuffo Addo. Mahama has served eight years already. Its time to change the unhinged Mahama and the corrupt ndc.

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Igp on Nov 6, 14:53
Ghana prople vote for a change