Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

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Comment: locals should be designin n building our irrigatio

2016-11-07 13:24:44
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Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

This is a very awesome gesture by nana offinso hene but i dont want to believe it was a unilateral decision by nana. this august act must certainly have gotten the blessing of his elders....
However, am not at all enthused by the constance resort to koreans did this n indians did that..its high time leadership or govt not only task but resource adequately n demand from our academic n technical institutions n companies like our universities, water research institute, the hydrological department of knust, csir or whichever university to researched n develop the appropriate capacity, expertise n competencies to build such critical national infrastructure like irrigation systems, dams or canals to speedily help revolutionise n transform our agriculture for greater wealth creation and accelerated national development. the narative must not always be business as usual; "we asked the chinese to do this, the indians to do that or the koreans to do this ..THERE MUST A BOLD, COURAGEOUS n CONSCIOUS STANCE by our political leadership particularly to chart a brand new paradigm now..we need certain degree of desperate sense of URGENCY to prosecute our national development agenda nOWW.....
it must start NOW or never...anyway, over to u prez, John Mahama, TOASO deninninin...but the caveat is let it be DOMESTICATION...100% LOCAL CONTENT NOW....or..else....

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HARDER@"89.. on Nov 7, 13:24
locals should be designin n building our irrigatio