Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

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Comment: What Stool?

K Asumadu
2016-11-07 14:50:45
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Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

As a native of Offinso, I know as well as all 'Offin mma' that Wiafe Akenten has already desecrated the Offinso Stool anyway so it makes no difference who sits on it these days. Wiafe Akenten sold the sole of offinso for political expediency, before Mills election when it went missing and was used for NDC rituals. What Mahama sat on is never the real or the original one. Wiafe Akenten is one of the most corrupt and destructive paramount chiefs in Ghana today. He is only interested in his stomach and womanising. Tell me which Offinso land he has not sold for pittance, depriving families upon families their livelihood. This is no news to anyone except NDC supporters.

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K Asumadu on Nov 7, 14:50