Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

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Comment: Betrayal of the chieftaincy institution

2016-11-07 15:33:19
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Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

Dont be suprise at all that this has happen. Some of our chiefs, have sold all their lands, Precious gems that they my have inherited, and even their conscience, all that is left is dirty pieces of animal skin and some drums. The cheifs palace have long ceased to be a place of power and wisdom.In the 70s chiefs were productive, most of them had farms which served as their source of income . In fact they had mind of their own. The current picture is the opposite, most cheifs have sold their birth rights . There is nothing in the kitty. They personally dont believe in the cheiftaincy institution and what it stands for , Their powers and reverence have gradually eroded to nothing thanks to people like the offinsohene who dont only seek to disgrace themselves only but go on to humiliate the very people they represent. Our suffering will be over , the very day our leaders , will shelve their selfish interest and uphold wisdom . Common sense is indeed not common.

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DeDice on Nov 7, 15:33
Betrayal of the chieftaincy institution