Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

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Comment: Not the actual stool

Odeneho Ababio
2016-11-09 06:38:07
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Offinsohene offers Mahama his stool

@ Sarpong and others: Hahahahaaa! I laugh! This is not the royal stool we talk about. Even most people in the clan has not seen the stool before. That stool, you can not sit on it without been hold up. Is very small. Always in a secret place. I call this still, a show off stool. If the chief is not at home, children play on it. But the actual one (small one), only the clan children (men who were born by the clan male subjects) and a few elders of the clan used to visit the stool room.

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Odeneho Ababio on Nov 9, 06:38
Not the actual stool