Dumelo, Gardiner others take NDC campaign to Tamale market

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Comment: illiterates

useless Ghanaians
2016-11-14 10:06:28
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Dumelo, Gardiner others take NDC campaign to Tamal

It's only in Ghana that obvious thieves like NDC will be boasting even after being caught stealing state money through 419 DUBIOUS JUDGEMENT DEBTS PAYMENTS TO WOYOME, WATERVILLE, ISOFOTONE, ETC totalling over ONE BILLION DOLLARS...... from poor Ghanaian tax payers coffers... .. ... NDC is now made up of a cabal of thieves......... All government contracts are sole sourced and heavily over bloated to steal our money..... That's why we are so poor now.. ... despite unprecedented borrowings, unprecedented taxation, unprecedented internal revenues... Unprecedented crude oil proceeds.. .... NDC is indeed useless as we experience unprecedented unemployment.. ... Unprecedented thievery and corruption.. ... .. Even nurses and Dr's and teachers can't be employed soon after finishing school...... Those employed can't get salaries because Ghana government is totally broke broke broke....

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useless Ghanaians on Nov 14, 2016 10:06