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Comment: Too close to call

2016-11-28 20:05:44
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Ben Ephson better off writing about nutrition - NP

This election is too close to call. It will be dangerous for Any major party to claim victory even before the first vote is cast.
A simple analysis here should inform Ghanaians:
If Both NDC and NPP have lost some few disgruntled supporters,
If both parties maintain their support base from the last election, then the determining factor here are :
1. The swing voters;
Are they impress with Mahama for all the development ?
Are they disappointed by the level of corruption in the country?
Was previous NPP administration currupt and how much corrupt?
Are Ghanaians bothered about corruption?
Do they care ?
The answers will help you all to appreciate what the out come will be in this election . Assuming that both partie have added equal numbers of new voters to their ranks.
Sincerely speaking, since every Ghanaian is corrupt by nature, because every Ghanaian or household including Pastors have paid something to get things done. Nothing gets done in Ghana unless you pay something extra . True or False?
The country Ghana has a parliament that can enact laws to strictly deal with the so call corruption , since everybody in Ghana does it And expect it , I don't know what to call it, but parliament does nothing. Meaning it's not a big deal in Ghana ,not by my notion but our attitude shows that everybody is corrupt in Ghana. If that is that case , then I can assure the Expectant people of Ghana that .... by way of logical reasoning and the socioeconomic behavior of Ghanaians couple with our hypocrisy and deception, nothing will change and the numbers from the last election will still repeat itself with a + or - 1 error margin.
The main deciding factors here are corruption and the unprecedented Developments.
60% of Ghanaians are happy with the huge infrustural developments.
All Ghanaians are corrupt because they have all paid bribe or whatever before, now or in the future.
So therefore the corruption factor won't sway voters that much...., hence your guess of the outcome of this election is as Good as it get.
You figure it...,,,,,,
You know the winner. Let's move on.
America has moved on ... so Ghana must move on.
There will be another election to come.
Thank you for reading and reasoning along.
God bless our home land Ghana .., and make our nation Great and Strong! Amen!
My 50 cent.....

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Too close to call