Gov’t is building strong economy for more jobs - Omane Boamah

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Comment: Economy of straw?????

Joe Bee
2016-11-30 06:19:32
Comment to:
Gov’t is building strong economy for more jobs -

*Dr Esi Ansah of Ashesi University writes:*
"When people chant "toaso", what exactly do they want this administration/party to toaa so?

????The impunity?
????The shady sole-sourced deals for friends and family?
????More of the inflated costs for projects?
????The insulting of our intelligence with silly explanations for siphoning of funds?
????Knee-jerk economic policies?
????Spending oil money meant for the future?
????SADA tree planting?
????SADA Akonfem deals?
????Fortiz deal?
????Ford gifts from contractors?
????6th March Brochuregate?
????Smarttys deal?
????$63,000 & $48,000 rent/month for govt. Agencies?
????Spy Bill?
????Ameri Karpower barge?
????Street Naming Company contract?
????Guantanamo invitees?
????CDB Loan?
????Airlifting of $3.5mil to Brazil? (... Mind you, the GFA boss is still there..
????GFA's inflated world cup budget?
????E&P using state equipment?
????One-Laptop-Per-Child shady deal?
????A sea of flagstaff House " communicators" who abuse journalists?
????Obscene splashing of cash for elections?

???? Do I need to go on?...

... Really, what exactly do you want them to "toaa so?"
_You obviously don't care about this nation..."_

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Joe Bee on Nov 30, 2016 06:19
Economy of straw?????
BBC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Nov 30, 2016 07:12