Mahama gave us three new Toyota Pickups - UPP

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Comment: What Does That Mean?

Afia.Sika Gomoa.Nkran
2016-11-30 14:35:34
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Mahama gave us three new Toyota Pickups - UPP

Is It In The Name Of Democracy Or What Would The Government Find It Necessary To Fund These Small Parties?Are We Really Serious As A Country?People Are Being Turned Away From Hospitals And Clinics. Women Are Giving Birth On The Floors In Hospitals.Unemployment Rate Has Risen . And We Finds It Appropriate To Fund These Smaller Parties Just To Spoil Some Votes And Set The Election Into A Rerun? Are These The Best We Can Do For Our Mother Ghana? Hmmmmmmmmmm

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Afia.Sika Gomoa.Nkran on Nov 30, 2016 14:35
What Does That Mean?