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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

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2016-12-10 22:20:19
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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

You are always welcome to share your thoughts and tips with Nana. I would like to think Nana will call on you as he is now a novice in the new role as a President.The Senior also learn from the experienced.Most Ghanaians would not understand your concerns of willing to help and serve more. Had it been that Woymome you would have got a second chance. Woyome was the downfall. This is a guy who care less about his fellow Ghanaans.

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You corrupt Madafucker on Dec 10, 2016 22:03
Nana will clean your mess on Dec 10, 2016 22:05
Nanib on Dec 10, 2016 22:20
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