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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

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Comment: John Mahama is a lazy polititian

2016-12-11 09:54:48
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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

Mr president no thank you,you didn't know the value of your office,Governace is a serious business but you took things for granted,you cherished family and friends,mixed up work with pleasure which brought about your downfall.Vast majority of our people live in abject poverty and you saw this across the country but you often forgot all about it when distance takes you away from the people,corruption took a Center stage of your administration,you sympartize with thiefs when you should be punishing them,the president forgot that protecting the image of his party ll help shape the future of the young ones he introduced into politics because they re the ones to takeover just as he did,if former presidents in the NDC had allowed wild rage of corruption like in his era would've corrupted them so much that today he will not be able to be president of Ghana,so he should rather be thankful to those who offered him the opportunity into politics and never gave him the chance to corrupt himself in the past,somethings that brought him this far but what do we see today?just because Mr Rawlings pointed out corruption in John Mahama,s government he misconstrued that to be hatred and set his babies with sharp teeth to attack him and reviled what he also knew during Rawlings,s time to the press forgetting that same awaits him,John Mahama ll now know his true friends now that he lost the presidency,he shouldn't be surprised to see those who benefited much in his government come out to show him their true colours.As to why he gave much room for Woyome,Elvis Afriyie Ankrah,Kojo Adu Asare,Smattys,Inrahim Mahama Gilbert Iddi Betty Mould Iddisu,Ebo Baton Oduro to destroy the NDC is anyone's guess.He chose to pay a price rather than exposed this people what they re,human beings come and go but partie remain no mater how small they become just like the cpp,he also became unassailable to most of his party members including his former colleagues,a whole sitting party chairman who brought them victory Dr Kwabena Ajei and Alban Bagbin had to come public about their inability to access him.This is not time to talk about intentions,it's rather the time to reflect on the realities and wait for the appropriate time to make your intentions known because it's only a matter of time and your ll know who your true friends are.

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Yussif on Dec 11, 2016 09:54
John Mahama is a lazy polititian