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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

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Comment: President Mahama return 2020.

Jj rawlings
2016-12-12 00:57:36
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John Mahama is a lazy polititian

PRESIDENT MAHAMA WELL DONE.l would like to say you tried but with the insults and abuse and frustration of the large majority of the people shows your leadership was lacking.But at the same time you were able to get most of your important agendas fulfilled.Good for you.Ghana will never forget you in the future.God bless you.

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You corrupt Madafucker on Dec 10, 2016 22:03
Nana will clean your mess on Dec 10, 2016 22:05
Jj rawlings on Dec 12, 2016 00:57
President Mahama return 2020.