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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

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Comment: I would v love to do more 4 gh

2016-12-13 23:09:21
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I would’ve loved to do more for Ghana – Mahama

X Prez.thank you very much you have done a lots eg.you have freezes trainee allowances accross the country,newly pass out nurses and teachers dont get their wages or salaries,you have collapse school feeding programme,national health insurance,cocoa mass spraying,montie3 incidence,nkomf3m scandal,wayome scandal,bus branding scandal,dumso issue,you were wasting money on uneccesary things like buying cars for chiefs,Akua Donkor,actors n actresses,meanwhile there was an issue for you to address rather than fooling about,now you will see how Nana will govern this country,insulting attitude towards Nana Addo,Obuasi Methodist pastor,Rev.Mensah Otabil,the short people in the country,and many more that you have done for Ghana mr.JM enough is enough,we are satisfied with all.go and rest,Ghanaians have short memory.now look you started tribal politics and this shows you that Akans are more than non Akans in Ghana,now 3northern region and volta volted for you and the rest feel that they will vote for their brother as you first preached in the 3 northern regions now you have reaped what you sown

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You corrupt Madafucker on Dec 10, 2016 22:03
Nana will clean your mess on Dec 10, 2016 22:05
NDC ZONGO BOY on Dec 13, 2016 23:09
I would v love to do more 4 gh