General News Sun, 11 Dec 2016

Bugri Naabu warns NPP supporters over attacks on NDC supporters

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Comment: the peace message

Abu Mohammed Bomzaa
2016-12-11 09:54:28
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Bugri Naabu warns NPP supporters over attacks on N

Please my brother's and sisters in the northern region to stop any attack ndc supporters because most people concluded that npp is violent party which ussualy caused commosion any time when the party is in power.please I encouraged all the Npp leadership both at Nationals and regional to stop using Dagbon chiefstancy issues special Abudu and Andani which creat confusion in the northern region and also tarnish the image of the party because most people's believe Npp is in power is always conflict in the northern region.please let us continue enjoy the peace we are enjoy .long live northern region long live Ghana

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Abu Mohammed Bomzaa on Dec 11, 2016 09:54
the peace message