General News Sun, 11 Dec 2016

Bugri Naabu warns NPP supporters over attacks on NDC supporters

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Comment: Re: don't believe the hype

Mr Bond
2016-12-11 14:34:18
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don't believe the hype

Am calling both the president elect and Dr Bawumia to held press conference to condemn the retaliation atrocity perpetuate against NDC barbarians,goons and hooliganisms for such primitive behaviour is disgraceful and humiliation as news travel all around the world with just a click on post.Ghanaians should stop their foolishness and grow up.What profit did those NPP fools gain vandalizing properties and businesses.Did this barbaric behaviour grant them automatic jobs?Whey is black races very stupid and ignorant?

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Mr Bond on Dec 11, 2016 14:34
Re: don't believe the hype