Mahama to take leave

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Comment: Asshole Boamah

Mahama killed Mills
2016-12-12 10:31:23
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Mahama to take leave

Kwasia, now that you've been kicked out, you're quoting from the Bible to comfort yourselves? You think Ghanaians are stupid? The most hateful person in all this world, is this asshole called Boamah. Who cares about what Mahama does with his life? He can go take his leave in hell and spend the stolen monies with him there. Haghahaha!!! Ede bii k3k3!!!

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Enjoy your loot on Dec 12, 2016 09:50
Enjoy your loot on Dec 12, 2016 09:58
Mahama killed Mills on Dec 12, 2016 10:31