Complacency caused NDC’s defeat – ET Mensah

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Comment: That can't be the whole truth

2016-12-13 14:21:46
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Complacency caused NDC’s defeat – ET Mensah

That can not be the whole truth. Now let me give you the complete truth.
(1) ndc has never won election by clean and once npp decided to be vigilant across all 29,000 polling stations, the ndc was exposed.
(2) npp ability to collate and tabulate election results nationwide from polling stations and wisely told the public to true state of election results it was late for ndc.

(3) the stealing culture of jm administration was beyond acceptable limit.
(4) the arrogance of ndc communicators was non Ghanaian. Omane Boama took things personal and therefore attacked people on a personal level

(5) ndc took Ghanaians for granted. How can you say this simple inter change is Dubai in Ghana, when every family in Ghana has a member who has travelled. Ndc fooled themselves
(5) the economy was in bad and terrible shape.
(6) boys were at home without jobs, jobs and jobs.
(7) ndc was not able to effectively deal with their in house conflict whiles they needlessly focused on divisions in npp.
(8) ndc was not able to handle mrs Rawlings issues well.
(9) etc etc
But the key thing that work against Ndc is Npp vigilance across all polling stations and policing the ballot box across Ghana.

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KB on Dec 13, 2016 14:21
That can't be the whole truth