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Comment: NDC Was Only Building Discolight Bridges

2016-12-13 14:45:48
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NDC supporters nkwasiafo nkurasefo mmoa.

The NDC national campaign coordinator, Mr. Adamu Kotokoli, could be blamed partially for the humiliating defeat of the NDC party in which "the NPP trashed the ruling party by about one million votes and also won majority of the parliamentary seats", as a result of Mr. Kotokoli's incompetence and the incompetence and corruption of Mahama himself and that of all the "babies with sharp teeth' he appointed.

However, the real reason for the party's "painful defeat" is because the NDC's undemocratic ways have largely been exposed, and NPP was able to block most of the channels NDC has been using to rig elections for stealing the verdict of Ghanaians. The world has changed and NDC must also change with it, and not continue to rely on rigged elections to rule Ghanaians.

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Mahamoud on Dec 13, 2016 14:45
NDC Was Only Building Discolight Bridges