Complacency caused NDC’s defeat – ET Mensah

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2016-12-13 15:23:46
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Complacency caused NDC’s defeat – ET Mensah

The NDC defeat which can be described as a major unprecedented shellacking can be attributed to 6 major factors.
1. the Candidate
2. the politics
3. the economics
4. the development factor
5. the social and
6. the opposition.
John Dramani Mahama was and is by far the worst President and the most unelectable incumbent presidential candidate in over 50 years. Some would dispute this basic fact. However the trend analysis shows he was just not electable.
2. The politics of the NDC was terrible. It was very bad and nauseatingly offensive.
There were and are issues in the NDC party which they sought to deflect and project onto the NPP, which required that, they tackled head-on but failed to do. In the end it came to bite them in their behind where it hurt the most. It has still not been resolved.
3. The economics of the Mahama NDC administration was by far the worst ever under the Constitution of this 4th Republic considering the resources that accrued to this gov't. Indeed, with economic growth projected to be the lowest in over two decades and likely to tank further, there was no way the ship was going to stay afloat. The NDC party was going down.
4.There was a huge disconnect between what the NDC felt was their development agenda and the relevant inter-linkages between their development programs and policies vis-à-vis the citizenry, and that was a total fail as well.
5.On the social front, the arrogance of power, gross and crass brazen impunity and lack of tact, finesse and gross egregious disrespect for the citizenry, fueled a spectacular and continuing disengagement between the electorate and the NDC party, and doomed them into opposition long before the first ballot was cast.
6. Finally, contrary to the perception the NDC party sought to build and portray about the NPP, this was a very united, focused and very resolute opposition that meant serious business, and was totally committed to wrestling power from the NDC. Nothing was going to move or sway that ship. It was a very robust opposition very much in tune with itself and the task that needed to be executed and it was executed to perfection. The NPP run one of the most engaged campaigns ever, from the ground up which resonated completely with the electorate and the end result is, they won.
So the point could be made that the defeat of the NDC party which was long predicted, was self-inflicted, but it was against a very focused opposition, which was determined to wrestle power in absolute terms from the NDC party. There was no stopping that hurricane, change was imminent and it has touched down ferociously. We meant business.
Mahama has lost and he is out.
Suffice to say, this is good riddance to very, very bad rubbish.
The complacency E.T is talking about falls directly under the politics of the NDC party internally, within the wider framework of the politicking that sent them into opposition.

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GOWAN on Dec 13, 2016 15:23