Complacency caused NDC’s defeat – ET Mensah

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Comment: the lies of the ayigbe ndc

insight to the bone
2016-12-13 15:26:25
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Hegemony /tribalism mixed with Islamic religious discrimination by northerners and Ewes cause NDCs defeat as nobody wanted a retrogressive society. Ghanaians want a society in the 21st century not fake ass bullshit megalomaniac leadership. Thanks to JJ and hegemony /tribalism we are divided and do not waste your energy trying to unite us like Mills did but rather respect our diversity and let each look after their own without any hindrance from others.It is time to accept reality and call a spade a spade , we shall never be united. Their idea of unity means we are to deny who we are while they can say we are Ewes , Northerners but if you say you are Akan then you are evil. we Akans will never again be discriminated against in our own country , now we shall even the score as we can also say our time has come. We shall not tolerate the neglect of Akan areas development in favor of northern or Ewe areas through elaborate sophisticated schemes such as GYEEDA SADA or whatever nonsense these criminals can think of. We shall now encourage the return and integration of our over 10 million strong diaspora and their capital to rebuild our nation. We shall encourage the ewes and northerners to secede and form their own states/country so we place international borders between our peoples and try to be constructive neighbors instead of this situation that only creates hatred resentment and tribalism mixed with hegemony.Yes its time table these issues as if one views the distribution of votes we see Nana this time got the support of the united Akan and all others gave support to the criminal mahama led ndc . If both sides are right then we need to consider a confederation or outright separate states and organize a peaceful referendum to that effect just like Czechoslovakia did , no need to break up in the throes of war and violence as the secession is inevitable. Lets not allow the deterioration into war as we see in Somalia , Syria ,Iraq , Yugoslavia and soon Turkey. Akans have a different set of moral values virtues and aspirations than the rest so we should enable them their own freedom to pursue their destiny. We should reinstate to votes rights to all our diaspora as where-ever they are the share in the hopes and aspirations of the Akan desire for development and jobs. We shall pursue to the ends of the earth all these corrupt criminal ndc and including Kuffour JJ Rawlings Afoko and whatever (criminals hiding behind politics )have you for their treachery , betrayal and exploitation of Akan wealth as a deterrent to future wannabe mafia criminals. i am surprised these police did not condemn attacks and destruction of Akan businesses politicians families and individuals yet come out because of one fire and say widespread attacks? Saturday morning Mahama called to mobilize the military under the excuse of law and order so they come out shooting but the military because their experience learnt from peace keeping world wide knew it was a suicide mission so declined to participate but these idiot koti police have no brains at all . Pepeni Mahama go away in peace as professional police know their jobs and dont need any foolish amateur political instructions that will lead to instability . Those who are not for us we must know are against us so for them today demanding for factories dams or development scornfully we let them know we Akans will make sure despite Npp and Nana will make sure they get nothing. we shall inform all potential investors that their leaders stole billions and are not investing there because they know their people are primitive and will destroy any factory investment or one day be cutting your throat as they are all latent areas of radfical Islamic fanatical criminals so the best way to help them is to destroy them , God says all people who glorify human sacrifice by slicing throats must be wiped off the face of this earth. yes the battle continues and will only finish when we divide the country. We stand vigilant and ever ready for any turn of events.

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insight to the bone on Dec 13, 2016 15:26
the lies of the ayigbe ndc