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Don’t politicise religious worship - Most Rev Osei-Bonsu

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Comment: Father, what about the thanks offering

2016-12-14 04:22:35
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Don’t politicise religious worship - Most Rev Os

Father Osei-Bonsu, it was good you added the phrase 'non-provocative manner!'. But what about the thasnksgiving offering given to the church? Did the church refuse it because it was political money?
I think we should rather encourage Christians to bring all their joys, fears an d sorrows to church so that the entire congregatioin can participate, That would also offer the church the opportunity to discuss how best we can all get involved in such activities without alienating one another.
If we prevent Christians from bringing these celebrations to church, they would still go ahead and celebrate them, though. But imagine all the NPP supporters had decided to go to the party office to celebrate their victory last Sunday: how many worshipers would have been at your morning mass on the day?
We are not able to tackle sin because it is mostly committed outside the churc. Adam and Eve were caught red-handed because they sinned in the Garden, in the presence of God! If they had managed to slip out from the Garden before the snake beguiled them, God would have found it very difficult to accost them. So, Father, I would rather we ecncouraged our congregants to do everything right in churh. In fact that would prevent our people to do anything that they know the church would not approve of.

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Christian on Dec 14, 2016 04:22
Father, what about the thanks offering