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Don’t politicise religious worship - Most Rev Osei-Bonsu

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Comment: The Church is a political organization..

2016-12-14 05:48:13
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Since when?

The Church is a political organization in society.
The church or shrine is a place where members of religious organizations worship, disseminate and publish their erroneous, fantastical, illusory perceived and disguised belief about nature and society.
Religion is a social economical, political organization and psychological social regulator.
The Church or shrine are are social institution or organization specifically found to conduct religious teaching and religious upbringing. It is an institution formed to develop in people a form of social religious psychological world outlook and corresponding behaviour. Religion thus, forms the tradition, custom and to a greater extend the culture of many countries.
Religion is a form of social consciousness; therefore all tribes of the world have their own conception of the supernatural.
A class antagonistic society is build on the exploitation of one class by another. The social aim of the exploiters is to maintain the existing socioeconomic system so as to guarantee their class hegemony. The ruling class therefore needs that social organization, which will create illusionist aims, found not on objective study of reality, but as a stabilizing system in the interest of the exploiters. Such organization is religion. The Levis depend on church contribution, so they have interest in the maintenance and reproduction of religious thought in society.
Religion is a product of society and can only be acquired in society. Therefore religion was created by society and not that religion created society. Man created God and gods in his own illusionist world outlook and not that the perceived supernatural (not that the supersociatal) created nature and man, who is both the product of nature and society.
If religion is innate to man it means that it is human biological instinct. If the above is true, then there will not be the need for the priest or priestess to carry out religious propaganda so as to convert people to their religious belief.

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Kwame on Dec 14, 2016 05:48
The Church is a political organization..