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It’s ridiculous to restore trainee allowance in 100 days – Kofi Jumah

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Comment: The begining of 'The Excuses'

2016-12-15 17:32:20
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It’s ridiculous to restore trainee allowance in

Nana's term for the four years starts on day one, which happens to be 7/01/2017. He must have plans for the administration of the country and all promises he made ready. There is no time for excuses. As the Asante proverb translates: A man does not step into a river before taking a deep breath. After chasing the presidency for 12 years, he does not have any excuse to take time for planning. We should see the change happening from 8/01/2017; at least administrative change should start on this day.

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Zoobie-Zoobie on Dec 15, 2016 17:20
NANA KASA on Dec 15, 2016 17:32
The begining of 'The Excuses'
Ghanaba on Dec 15, 2016 19:16