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Joseph Yamin vows to bring NDC back to power in 2020

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Comment: Law and penalties

african patriot
2016-12-19 22:26:20
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Re: Joseph Yamin vows to bring back NDC to power i

Look at that face running Ghanaian politic. Ghanaian are to easy to let these cultural aliens into their poltic. Let him go to Lebanon. They are just parasites in Africa for the money and not to develop the African Man or child. Sadly the Black man is so corrupt that they open the door to any group to direct them. This would not happen in China. Now its time to end the corruption with sound enforceable laws and penalties that will make any thief sorry the day the steal a dime from the hard working Ghanaian people. This will be tough but this is what they did in Singapore to make Singapore a thriving productive society. Yes, strict laws and tough penalties.

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african patriot on Dec 19, 2016 22:26
Law and penalties