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I’m sad Akufo-Addo didn’t recognize me – 'Virgin Pastor'

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Comment: DON'T WORRY

2016-12-22 19:25:04
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I’m sad Akufo-Addo didn’t recognize me – Vir

Man of God don't worry. keep praying for the good Lord to shower HIS blessings on this country for the future generation and present to benefit. pray that this leadership will be guided by the wisdom of God to lead the nation the way HE the Lord wants it. most of and almost all of us have contributed one way or the other to this victory that we see, but not all will be seen in public but the GOOD GOD in who sees and pay will surely bless you and I and our descendants. Keep praying. don't attack your fellow pastors for being recognised at this stage where the real task is to support him Nana with all the spiritual help he deserved to lead this country. U see that throne is been condensed in such a way that even if one has good intensions, moments one sits on it bad things begins to be seen. so lets keep praying to subdue that spirit which controls the seat and cast it away into the lake of fire. it is only when such is done that leaders will have the anointed wisdom to lead this nation with the hand of God. Even God HIMSELF said "for Israel's Sake I will NOT rest" so the Aluta in Prayers Continua". Stay bless pastor and God bless Ghana.

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MAURICE on Dec 22, 2016 19:25