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‘I want to write history’ – Akufo-Addo promises

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Comment: I want to write history: Akuffo Addo

Akosua K
2016-12-23 12:37:53
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‘I want to write history’ – Akufo-Addo promi

This is funny! You think Ghanaians are fools? We know you from inside out. Now you want to write History? All your life, your 72 year life you never wrote a line of anything let alone history. History of what ? Drugs, indiscipline, laziness, arrogance, corruptions? You name it? All your mates in the university have written numerous books of thoughts and you know it, they never begged to become president before writing. Charity begins at home. If you had anything tangible in your drug filled head you would have done it long before now and I hope you would write the true and correct history for our children's children to read, not your kind of diluted truth but what actually was the history. Why couldn't you write the history when you were the attorney general or the foreign minister ?Was there no history for you to write? You think we don't know your intimidations & your wickedness that put you there? History of you turning Ghana into a chaotic & ungovernable nation? Sending us into war? What history? I will never forgive myself for you becoming president because I know what you're capable of, turning Ghana into a dungeon and walking over us in our sufferings. Turning our shores into distribution centres of drugs, prostitution, & legalising gay practices in Ghana because you've already received money for it. What do you have to say now? Prove me wrong.

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Akosua K on Dec 23, 2016 12:37
I want to write history: Akuffo Addo