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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Chireh

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2016-12-27 17:49:28
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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Ch

Every single statement coming from NDC members is about how they can psyche Ghanaians to measure the success of NPP solely based on the campaign promises. The impression is that, Akufo-Addo can never accomplish his promises since they are impracticable. Well, the question is when did Nana Addo promise he will complete all those "one-this one-that"? Will Ghanaians be satisfied with the NPP government administration if their general wellbeing is improved and only some of Nana's promises have been implemented in the first 4 years? How comfortable will Ghanaians feel to consider voting NDC into power the next 4 or 8 years, given the difficulties they went through in the last 8 years?. Is it possible Ghanaians will consider a 3rd force party,if NPP fails to deliver this time around?. I just want all Ghanaians to wait and see how the government will do in the next four years. The electorate will make that decision whether to allow NPP to 'toaso' or 'twaso' .

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