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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Chireh

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Comment: NDC Minority comments

2016-12-28 15:11:31
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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Ch

Even with your majority in parliament, you couldnt stand the NPP when it came to arguments in the House; how much less when you are now in the minority.

If there should be any law that can be invoke to bar any group of persons parading as politicians ever in standing for public office again, I will advocate that for this NDC party leaders! They were a bunch of clueless leaders who led all of us into the gutter with mud!
Never again will Ghanaians ever allow children with sharp teeth's and up- starts to come near political office again in Ghana. The Youth have failed the nation under Mahama and we can't forget this at all!

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NDC Minority comments