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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Chireh

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Comment: Tough time? You'll look like imbeciles .

Kwaku Broni
2016-12-28 21:06:16
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NDC MPs will give Akufo-Addo tough time - Yileh Ch

In America sports parlance there is a word "lay up" which means easy assist to score. For the life of me, I do not understand why NDC and their skeptic friends do not see why the president elect and his team are confident they can fulfill their campaign promises. I see all the promises as clever " lay ups". May be the skeptics are deafor blind by semantics. What is their definition of a factory or dam? If Ghanaians and Chinese can bring in expensive equipment to galamsey because it is lucrative, then watch what will happen when the incoming administration put in place fiscal and financial policies like the removal of tariffs on imported production inputs and targeted tax zones/ holidays to set up small scale factories factories. Is the processing of Tilapia and or poultry a factory? Is an organized tailoring shop a factory? How about brick making?
And for dams, we already have the galamsey equipments here. So we are going to have " Drill baby Drill". Jobs for the youth in drilling and laying and maintaining plastic pipes, and pumps in agriculture.
Money from capital budget to constituencies ($1mil) -easy. Teachers and Nurses training allowances- easy incomes policy. Region splits - easy. Special Prosecutor- easy jobs for young lawyers and EOCO investigators. Free tuition for SHS happening already. Farms produce marketing support- easy and so on.
Just as NDC and EC were embarrassed by NPP space age simple IT that collated election results in 5-8 hours after close of poll count so will the skeptics be shocked. NPP has inspired talent to execute its campaign promises to pull all together.
Oil prices are on the rise and we will have three pumping barges on stream from Jubliee, TEN and other operated by ENI on stream next year. Agricultural output and exports will soar and food importation will take a five.
Goods times are head and in 2018 power will shift to the Districts where local accountability for performance will spur local growth.

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Kwaku Broni on Dec 28, 2016 21:06
Tough time? You'll look like imbeciles .