General News Wed, 28 Dec 2016

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Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s gov’t

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Comment: Vengeance seeking is not crusader spirit

2016-12-28 06:49:34
Comment to:
Hamidu just settled old scores with NDC

Is it because Hamidu waged a one sided revenge crusade against NDC that he is such a wonderful person for NPP? He would like to keep drawing attention to himself even under NPP with the hope of launching his own political career which will class with many NPP members.

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AYITEY CHINA (Ga Mantse Claimant) on Dec 28, 2016 03:07
Tommy on Dec 28, 2016 06:49
Vengeance seeking is not crusader spirit
Lord Tennison. on Dec 28, 2016 15:13