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Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s gov’t

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Nii Okai
2016-12-28 12:43:55
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Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s go

Addo Kufour reveals the way Ashantis within the NPP do push things their way thereby dominating the NPP with that their negative mentality of political hate, tribal bigotry of single mindedness, selfishness and greed.

He exposed this selfish mind of theirs though his mind was to talk of the inclusion of Amidu who also was once the Attorney General and justice minister but did nothing till he picked anger with the NDC and started attacking them, the NDC to prove he is a tiger type when it comes to corruption. We see a real corruption crusader when one is in power, not when in opposition then making noises.

I quote the statement which Addo Kufour came out with; '' No country can prosper when we have a huge minority hovering on the fences praying and working for the downfall of a government'' A rational political minded Ghanaian will ask why he said this at this time when he sees the NPP coming into power and not earlier when the NDC were in power so this mind of what he is saying could help our nation despite who is there.

The exposure of this Ashanti mind is what had caused Ghana to suffer for long because an average Ashanti mind in Ghana believes that when it is not an Ashanti or an Ashanti choice in control then everything get to spoil, as they see that right in their primitive villageous minds. Period.

They are aware of this reality l put across. And even every foolish Ghanaian is aware of their this negative mentality that had engulfed Ghana political arena. It is shame to hear Addo Kufour saying this good thing at this time because they want the support of others to do something better so that they would eventually claim to be the best, another selfishness, tribal bigotry, evil, wicked practices of we are the only best people in Ghana at work. Another disgracefulness.

Shame unto Ashantis that fall in this shameful and disgraceful mindset of approaching our national isses since it brings nothing good to us all. Further mo wonder the NDC communication expert Solomon Nkansah said there is nothing good that comes out of the Ashanti region. It may sound odd and painful in an Ashanti ears but it is a reality hence the only alternative is to change this evil mindset. Period.

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