Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s gov’t

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Comment: Dr Addo Kuffuor wants Martin Amidu in...

Agyeman Tony
2016-12-29 02:08:53
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Northerner traitor, who care!!

It's not a matter of dissent but his former commitment to that fraudulent good for nothing cassava stick(ndc) : party that was founded from an accepted military regime,characterized by all kinds of crimes.Words cannot express the disaster that party has caused Ghana.Thanks to democracy the party is once again voted out of power.

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Agyeman Tony on Dec 29, 2016 02:08
Dr Addo Kuffuor wants Martin Amidu in...
AYITEY CHINA (Ga Mantse Claimant) on Dec 28, 2016 03:07
Lord Tennison. on Dec 28, 2016 15:13