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Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s gov’t

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2016-12-29 12:34:23
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Addo Kufuor wants Martin Amidu in Nana Addo’s go

The decision my Nana Addo to let the people elect their own local executives is one of the best decisions on local government in a generation. If implemented it will make a huge difference to the efficiency of local government. There should be local government elections as we have here in Britain. The metropolitan cities like Accra, Kumasi, Tamale Sekondi/Takoradi, Ho ete etc should have ELECTED MAYORS to govern them.
In addition these LOCAL AREAS should be given autonomy to raise funds to develop their areas eg property rate and undertake commercial project. As in UK they can engage in Estate Developments like Council properties, Agriculture etc etc. A properly run local government will have a huge impact on the people and that feel good factor would also impact on the Government.
It is one of the best decisions yet and the new government should implement it robustly.

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