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Northern NPP wants Akufo-Addo to prosecute corrupt officials

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2016-12-30 14:35:05
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Oh Ghanaians... ..

Why was JOHNMAHAMA soooooooo obsessed with using propaganda and nincompoops and buffoons like AKUADONKOR, to attack Nduom and Nana Addo etc needlessly... .. .
Then OMANEBOAMA even had the audacity to insult the boldest patriotic Ghanaian today.. . The legendary Martin Amidu who is appreciated and fully recognized by all well meaning Ghanaians for saving GHANA millions of dollars stolen by NDC armed robbers masquerading as politicians.......

... Alhaji Bature...all NDC gurus and spokespeople kept only Insulting Nana Addo whilst Nana Addo continued to beg GHANAIANS to vote for him to come and save Ghanaians... .

JOHNMAHAMA, it's only under your term that nurses teachers and Dr's don't readily get employed soon after finishing school... ..
And you just occupied yourself with propaganda politics of lies lies lies using arrogant boys and girls.......

Please give Ghanaians some credit. .. We did not need NPP to lie to us that we're suffering from the NDC THIEVES in power.... .

SADA.. ... GYEEDA...... But rebranding thievery..... Rlg NDC thievery....... Contract sole sourcing..... Unprecedented borrowings..... Nurses and Dr's and teachers can't be employed soon after finishing school....... GHANAIANS ARE AWARE OF THEM SO THEY KICKED NDC AWAY........

NDC only had a tradition, culture and values UNDER JJ RAWLINGS, THE FOUNDER.... probity, accountability, transparency, integrity, equality.. .. .

These are everyone's inherent values alright but it's OK if NDC championed them....

But JOHNMAHAMA and ATTAMILLS hardly acknowledged JJ whilst they touted NKRUMAH like a god.. ... .

So NDC presently have no value system to live by..... That's why all they do is propaganda politics and thievery and corruption.... ..

In case you didn't know:
Dr Esi Ansah of Ashesi University writes:

"When people chant "toaso", what exactly do they want this administration/party to toaa so?

The impunity?
The shady sole-sourced deals for friends and family?
More of the inflated costs for projects?
The insulting of our intelligence with silly explanations for siphoning of funds?
Knee-jerk economic policies?
Spending oil money meant for the future?
SADA tree planting?
SADA Akonfem deals?
Fortiz deal?
Ford gifts from contractors?
6th March Brochuregate?
Smarttys deal?
$63,000 & $48,000 rent/month for govt. Agencies?
Spy Bill?
Ameri Karpower barge?
Street Naming Company contract?
Guantanamo invitees?
CDB Loan?
Airlifting of $3.5mil to Brazil? (... Mind you, the GFA boss is still there..
GFA's inflated world cup budget?
E&P using state equipment?
One-Laptop-Per-Child shady deal?
A sea of FSH " communicators" who abuse journalists?
Obscene splashing of cash for elections?
... Need I go on?...

... Really, what exactly do you want them to "toaa so?"

You obviously don't care about this nation..."

What of:

Hannah Tetteh-Minister of foreign affairs.

Gabrielle Tetteh- Office of the Vice President

Gizella Tetteh- Board Member, Ghana Airports Authority.(these are sisters from the same father)

Ato Ahwoi-Board chairman Ghana Infrastructure Fund

Kwesi Ahwoi-High commissioner to South Africa

Kwamena Ahwoi- Board chairman, Revenue Agencies Board.(all brothers from one mot

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