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Zongo Development fund will be in my first budget – Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Entire nation need dev. fund not only...

2017-01-01 21:14:57
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Zongo Development fund will be in my first budget

Nkrumah gave free scholarships to the North and now what do we see and hear. A lot of these Northerners are well educated and do you know what they call Akans especially the Asantes? "Shoe shine boys". Akan lands are where all the natural resources come from. However, a lot of us had to drop out of school simply because our parents couldn't afford the fees back then and still a lot of parents are doing it tough. Parents from our regions are still eking out an existence. During Kuffour's region, he did not do anything in Akan areas especially in Ashanti region for fear of people saying he was only developing his region. When Attah Mills came on the scene,he even had an agenda to make life difficult for Akans especially Asantes and Akims. Rawlings was even worst. He made it crystal clear that he was against the Akans businessmen and made sure all Akan business collapsed.He also started the stupid rhetoric that Asantes are proud and all these ethnocentric nonsense. Now our country is seriously divided on tribal lines. Finally what did we see during this last regime. One couldn't get a job if the person was found out to be Akan especially Asante. We therefore have to be careful we don't sideline any group of people please Mr president. We all need a bit of the national cake. Last but not the least,please every parliamentarian should declare his or her assets before entering into office. Finally, any animal that has stolen Ghana's money from Rawlings' time to the present day should cough out everything including interest.
I know Mr. President you've not even started your presidency and there are barrages of problems that you have to shoulder. However, if you attempt to please one group over the other, you will fail miserably. I am a staunch supporter of NPP. My strong believe is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Everybody who voted for you did so believing that you will share the national cake equally. Please everybody should enjoy your government not only a section of people like what happened in the previous governments. We pray for God's wisdom and guidance for you. Long live Maame Ghana.

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S.Gyapong on Jan 1, 21:14
Entire nation need dev. fund not only...