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Zongo Development fund will be in my first budget – Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Every Place Needs Dev Fund

2017-01-02 01:03:28
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Entire nation need dev. fund not only...

I am not sure I understand this idea of Zongo Dev Fund being in the first budget. Even in Accra, which is supposed to be the most developed place in Ghana, when you go to places like Teshie, Chorkor, Korle Gonno, James Town and most of these Ga coastal communities, you will see the people there are wallowing in poverty. These zongo people say they do not have money and yet they have money to go to Mecca. These Mecca trips are even subsidised by government. When a christian is going on pilgrimage in Jerusalem, nobody subsidises his trip. When it is time to end fasting among moslems, government goes to give them rice, cooking oil, sugar and all sort of things. Nobody gives Christians anything at christmas. These things must stop! Nana should first assume office, be briefed by his Minister of Finance about what is in the coffers in Ghana and what he can do and what he cannot do before he goes on making these promises. He does not even know what is in the coffers and the state of indebtedness of the nation and he keeps on making promises.

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Apuskele on Jan 2, 01:03
Every Place Needs Dev Fund