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Zongo Development fund will be in my first budget – Akufo-Addo

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2017-01-02 21:40:57
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Zongo Development fund will be in my first budget

What Ghana need most is "Agricultural development found" this is the only way to deal with the poverty that rifle the people. The backbone of every economy being agricultural have been neglect since after independent hence our suffering. The only way any government can succeed in gaining control of the economy and solving the unemployment facing this country is to cut down the importation of rice & encourage farmers to grow more rice by way of creating "fund" for farmers. Ghana spend over $1.5 billion every year to import rice from China , Thailand & India. Whilst even $500 thousand fund for Ghanaianfarmers can produce same quality &quantity. why do we import rice? helping those countries farmers & thier Agricultural industry to grow , whereas we are sinking our own agricultural as an industry thus creating severe unemployment & poverty is swallowing our farmers everyday.

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J B on Jan 2, 21:40
Create: Agricultural fund