Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

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2017-01-02 16:59:56
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Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

Can someone advise Nana Addo to cut down on the rhetoric? He is making more promises in addition to the hundreds he has already made. He should rather spend the days left before his inauguration to think really hard about how he is going to fulfil all the campaign promises. Mark my words, it is not going to be easy. Of course I believe that he is going to blame any fall back on his promises on an empty treasury. But they knew all along before making those promises. Bawumia knew all the answers and he made many claims to that effect during the campaign. So there will be no excuses. The NDC met an empty treasury but managed to do so much in 8 years. The IMF is so confident about the good management of the economy they are able to predict reasonable growth in the years ahead. So no excuses Nana Addo.

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Samson on Jan 2, 16:59
Re: Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo