Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

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Comment: Opportunity to payback siblings

Old Commando
2017-01-02 19:14:31
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Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

Having disposed of his late father's looted properties to sponsor his presidency ambition without giving his siblings their dues, now that his dream has come true, his immediate action is to grab part of our money to pay off his siblings who have been on his neck eversince. I hope the opposition will be monitoring him closely so that he does not 419 Ghanaians. No wonder he now says Era of prosperity beckons. We must protect our oil money as well as the state coffers. This outdated old man has nothing good for Ghanaians. His hands are ready to grab our money wawawawawa!

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Old Commando on Jan 2, 19:14
Opportunity to payback siblings