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Comment: Re: So Was Oseadeeyo, The Sompahene Present?

Kwasi Ansah
2017-01-03 17:52:02
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So Was Oseadeeyo, The Sompahene Present?

Kwame, I like the sarcasm in your comment. I watched a video clip of the enstoolment of the Sompahene of Dormaa Traditional Area, and the comments made by the Dormaahene. The Omanhene clearly went overboard with all those comments. Everyone in Dormaa knows he has been an NDC supporter over the years. With NPP winning all the constituencies(i.e, Abesim, Bomaa, Chiraa and Dormaa) that fall under the Dormaa Traditional Council, I was wondering how he's going to work with the NPP government. As a high court judge, and being the overlord of these vast land area, he should be cautioned to be extra careful when addressing visiting heads of state. Dormaas love their chief and will be eager to forgive him and move on with their lives.

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Kwasi Ansah on Jan 3, 17:52
Re: So Was Oseadeeyo, The Sompahene Present?