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Mad rush for NPP branded dry gin in Kumasi

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Comment: Proud Akan! !!!

Akyire twa, Animu twa!
2017-01-08 08:08:21
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Mad rush for NPP branded dry gin in Kumasi

I'm proud of my tribe so why should I insult others of their tribe? Only those who feel sorry for where they come from or which tribe they belong to are those one insulting other tribes.Feel proud of yourselves and stop the nonsense. You will insult Akans or Ashantis but at the end of the day you using their language for your daily activities when you are away from your ethnic village where only you and your village people can understand yourselves. Be grateful. At least there's a prefect in every class!!!

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Akyire twa, Animu twa! on Jan 8, 08:08