‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

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Comment: Political capital ..To spend

2017-01-17 21:39:48
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‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

And he wants to spend it anyhow.The end will justify the means.The constitution was drafted in 1992 by people who were just bussed by the then "great leader" from all walks of life.I wonder how well-read "Dr" Ayariga is but the majority of the people who drafted the Constitution in 1992 knew very little about what was going on.Rawlings just wanted them to write down what he wanted.The reason no one knew exactly what PV Obeng's post was back then.
So Ayariga should understand that the least of our worries is a bigger government.Corruption pilfering state coffers overbloated contracts and the like are the major cause of our downfall .Mr Ayariga claims to have made a million dollars at age 24.Good for him.How much taxes has he paid to government though this far?

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inercycl on Jan 17, 2017 21:39
Political capital ..To spend