Are your Ministers capable men - Sanja Nanja questions President

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Comment: Kokofu government from Team B to Team C

Tribalism and Nepotism NPP
2017-01-27 01:24:25
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Imagine this guy being an MP.

1. President - Akyem
2.Chief of Staff - Akyem
3.Senior Minister - Akyem
4.Minster of Finance Akyem
5.Attorney General - Akyem
6.Minster for Wks and Hsing - Akyem.
7. Kwesi Amoako Atta--- Roads and Highways Akyem.
8.Boakye Agyarko--- Energy---Akyem

Now how many Gonjas were ministers under John Mahama led government. Yet they vilify and cast unprincipled words on him

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Tribalism and Nepotism NPP on Jan 27, 2017 01:24
Kokofu government from Team B to Team C